Who We Are

Spider OpsNet

Spider OpsNet is engaged in building technology solutions for various industries to solve recurring problems and find new avenues for revenue. We help organizations to achive operational efficiency using our innovative solutions and services.

Our team consists of dedicated Engineers, testers, developers and analisist with caring experience of 20+ years to provide technology solutions for any industries type.

Our Mission :

Using technology to find efficient solutions to problems faced regularly by various industries.


We are passionate about our work and take pride in our solutions.


We are committed to our solutions and use our experience to make sure they work.


We believe in continuous learning and ensure our employees undergo regular trainings to keep up with technology and emerging trends.


We value mutual trust. We work hard to earn our customer's trust and want to keep it for years to come.


Change is enevitable but people don't like a change unless there is some progress. We strive for progress in our endevaours so that every one participating including customers, employees and stakeholders feel good about the change.


We value a sense of positive contribution to the society and the world in whatever we do. We make sure the community we live in benefits from us.


Spider OpsNet has started conducting hadoop trainings for an international brand. As part of this, we conducted trainings on hadoop in Chennai during the last week of November.Read More...

Spider OpsNet becomes a certified third party vendor for SAP as our product 'PowerSpider' is certified by SAP to run on SAP HANA.Read More...

SpiderOpsNet signs up with US based Colaberry.com to conduct web-based trainings on hadoop ecosystem of products including HDFS, mapreduce, pig, Hive, Hbase, Sqoop,Flume and OozieRead More...

Spider OpsNet participated in the Big Data forum organized by TechCircle in Bangalore. India’s largest big data event, Techcircle Big Data Forum 2014 brought leading Big Data professionals, entrepreneurs and investors under one roof to share their experiences and thoughts on how India can make its name big in the world of Big Data. Besides an array of engaging panel discussions, it also provided an interview of the poster boy of Big Data in India, Dhiraj Rajaram from Mu Sigma; He shared his views on Big Data that were different from earlier panelists. There were also interesting panelists like Bhupendra Khanal from Simplify 360 and Arihant Patni from Hive India. Read More...

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