Big Data for Managers



Big Data Technology

Big data technology has now become main stream and many organizations are using the power of this technology to save cost, get better business insights and increase the scope of their data analytics. It has overcome the initial teething problems and now there are lot of big data systems in production and lot of these organizations are happy with the technology adaptation.  Big data tools like Hadoop, Sqoop, Spark and Storm have become common in organizations.

While the development community has been quick to adapt and get trained in this technology through organizational initiatives as well as personal initiatives, the management teams in organizations are still not trained in this technology and are learning this from the development team and the architects. This is leading to managers being not informed enough to lead such projects in their organization.

I have been teaching big data technologies for the last five years building the development community and I also have been consulting various organizations on big data projects dealing with the management team as well. Based on my experience, I have created a big data foundation course for managers and recently published this on Udemy. This course introduces various tools used in different stages of a big data projects and also introduces the 5 P’s methodology for managing these projects. Please use the below link to check and enroll for this course and also recommend this to managers in your organization as they can immensely benefit from this course. Udemy keeps providing these course at a very nominal cost, so more people can benefit from this.


Please enroll in this course and help me in making this course very popular.

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